Our Endowment Campaign continues.


The Grand completed a $2.5 million renovation and opened as an arts center almost five years ago. We are now in the midst of planning our future. Our board and some of our major donors have discussed the need for an endowment to make our building and our programming sustainable and Forever. Grand.

It takes a lot to keep an arts center going. Our beautiful 10,000 sq. ft. building has many needs now and in the future. We plan to maintain our space and keep it grand. Forever.

Ultimately, in order to provide more arts and culture programming, we need to have a plan to cover our annual building and operating costs. This will free us to better fulfill our mission: to enrich community life through arts and cultural education and experiences and to support local artists by offering opportunities to develop and demonstrate their artistry.

We have a generous donor willing to match your contribution dollar for dollar!