2018 Schedule | 4 Pillars Gallery

The 4 Pillars Gallery holds ten to twelve shows per year featuring local and regional artists of all types and all media.  Thank you to the New Ulm Area Foundation for providing funding for our state of the art gallery and lighting, which is the only one of its kind in New Ulm.



Aug 10 - Sep 7


Bob Nonnemacher
"The Division of Space"

Bob Nonnemacher was born in the small town of New Ulm in south central Minnesota. The quaint atmosphere of Main Street USA suited his introspective demeanor and the bucolic landscape dotted with family farms gave him impeccable roots. These influences would later become wholly evident in all of his art and creative expression.

Currently, through his exquisite iconic portraiture of Native Americans, Bob is exploring the history and spirituality of both himself and the rich indigenous cultures of America. 

“In each of my portraits I aspire to depict my subject in a dignified manner without stereotype. My goal is to remind the viewer that the dominant “white culture” tried to violently change or take something away from the person I have painted – often at a significant cost. I want to show the resonant and eloquent beauty of my subject’s cultural heritage, their respectful individual disposition, and their strong spirituality. “

Color dominates his portraits because Native Americans are more than sepia-toned images engraved in our social consciousness from inaccurate, misleading schoolbooks and exaggerated caricatures from early television.  

City at Sunset.jpg
Red X_2.jpg

Bob’s abstract canvases are designed using bold lines and geometric shapes. In painting both sides of the canvas he uses two contrasting techniques. He then cuts the canvas apart, laying the two techniques side-by-side. This creates an optical energy in the final image. This fusing of bold lines and formative technique first divides the canvas in the most basic of ways, asking the viewer to explore it inch by inch.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art at Winona State University, Bob began a thriving career in publishing as a designer, art coordinator, art buyer, illustrator and project manager that would span 30 years. He worked for several world-renowned publishing houses specializing in children’s textbooks.

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Stephen Mark
 "Feathered Dinosaurs, Milkweed and the

Sep 14 - Oct 12

Oct 19 - Nov 21

The Other Red Leg_Charlie Putnam.JPG

Charlie Putnam and Le Ann Gehring-Ryan
"Form and Fragments"

Charlie currently works at his studio in St Peter, MN.  He is retired from teaching art for the Le Sueur- Henderson school district after 29 years of service. Most recently he retired from his teaching position at Minnesota State University in Mankato after serving 28 years as adjunct faculty for the Art Department.  Charlie has been exhibiting his work locally, regionally and nationally over the past four decades.

"Most of my recent works are done in mixed media on cradled wood panels.  The hard surface of the panel is well suited for collage, medium transfer and other mixed media techniques that I have been working with for many years.  I have recently been creating geometric abstract images inspired by personal experience combined with notions about the human figure, architecture and landscape.”

Charlie Putnam on Facebook

Le Ann Gehring-Ryan

North Mankato artist Le Ann Gehring-Ryan received a Bachelor of Science degree from Winona State University and studied painting at MSU, Mankato, exhibiting extensively throughout MN. Her work can be found in galleries in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. 

"I work primarily in sterling silver and natural stones. I often add a touch or two of gold for contrast. My process is hand fabrication, focusing on soldering, hammering, stone-setting, fusing and forming. I also work in Cloisonné enamel, the fusing of colored glass on to fine silver, channeled between fine silver wire. The design elements: texture, line color and form, are brought together to create a work of art that is pleasing to the eye. I am inspired by nature, architecture, and the world around me. Setting a torch to a piece of wire, manipulating its shape and structure is a rewarding process for me to showcase design skills. I strive for simple elegance and strong design in my work”

You can find her online:


Nov 30 - Dec 28

10th Annual Artscape Juried Art Show