2018 Schedule | 4 Pillars Gallery



Jan 5 - Feb 2

Beatniks-Hanna Newman and Josh Schutz.jpg

Hannah Newman & Joshua Schutz

An exhibition displaying figurative works rejecting conformity, consumerism, and concepts of time and space. It is an exploration of defying figurative norms in contemporary sculpture.

Hanna Newman and Josh Schutz are both artists living in Mankato, MN. They are 2nd year MA Candidates in art focusing on ceramics and sculpture at Minnesota State University where they work side by side in the studio. They maintain mutual interest in manipulating the human form with their sculptural ceramics.

Feb 9 - Mar 9

Nicholas_Scheif-My Magenta Majesty.jpg

Nicholas Schleif

History eventually makes us all words on a page. This body of work endeavors to use those words to expose the soul within them; arranging and coloring them, translating them into a language of imagery that shows us the very essence of their subject - a sort of “visual poetry” if you will. 

This exhibit is a continuation of Schleif's work that was commissioned for US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and Levi Stadium in San Francisco.

Mar 16 - Apr 13

Mise en scène-MSU Art Installation.jpg

Installation Art by MSU Mankato Students
"Mise en scène"

Minnesota State University - Mankato advanced art students exhibit works that are "site-specific," installed and designed especially with The Grand's space in mind. Works displayed are themed and are displayed throughout the building.

Opening Reception: Friday, March 16: 7-9pm

Kiddo Sho

Our annual Kiddo Show features work from children 4-12 years old. All subjects and forms of art will be displayed from finger painting to oils to sculpture and pottery. Prizes will be awarded and voting for People's Choice will begin during the opening reception on April 20th.

Apr 20 - May 25

Reed White

My colors are often exaggerated and unrealistic.

I choose to paint people in my community because it reveals a story about the time and place in which I live. People are interesting physical objects: color, form, texture, the way our bodies change as we age, what we choose to wear, and the way our postures and facial expressions articulate our emotions. Our bodies tell a story. We all have the common experience of being human, so on some level, we can all relate. We all have a story to tell, I try to express what I perceive with paint, to capture the persona and narrative of a person in an abstract pile of colorful brush marks.

I want my paintings to be interesting painting rather than a stagnant documentation of a person. When the painting is obviously not aspiring for perfection, the viewer can focus on what I find to be important: the colors, the marks, the composition, the paint, and still see the persona of the person being painted.

Jun 1 - Jun 29

June 1 - June 29

Jul 13 - Aug 3

Friends of the Grand

Aug 10 - Sep 7

Bob Nonnemacher

Sep 14 - Oct 12

Stephen Mark

Oct 19 - Nov 21

Charlie Putnam & LeAnn Gehring-Ryan

Nov 30 - Dec 28

10th Annual Artscape Juried Art Show