Grand Art Gifts 

Alyssa Johnson Pottery.jpg

The Grand Artisan gift shop is opening this weekend!




We will feature ceramics by Alyssa Johnson, original art by Curt Schultz, hand watercolored prints by Nan Kaufenberg, jewlery and scarves by Le Ann Gehring Ryan and more!

Seeking Consignment Artists!

If you are interested in teaming up with us to sell your art, here are a few first steps.  We do have studios artists within our building and we will always give consideration to our artists in residence first. The Grand does have a small committee that will review your work and decide if we might like to sell your art in our store.

1. If you are interested in being considered, please email us photos of your work, or refer us to a website where your work is displayed. Please email information or photos to Be sure to include price points and a little bit about yourself!

2. As a consignment gift shop, we pay out 70% of the sale to the artist. You can choose your own suggested retail price, or we can help you choose an appropriate price for your work. We ask that you keep pricing uniform whether it be at other stores or other online sales.

3. Submit an inventory and price list with your work every time you restock us.

4.  For our consignment fee we do pay all taxes and we take credit cards and pay square fees when items are sold on credit.

The Grand will hand pick all product to be sold in our shop.